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Find Your Way book on a table on Gena's rug in her office

Self-discovery tools for navigating
and embracing your unique journey

Gena McLean in front of her bookshelf

Hello and welcome!  I'm Gena...

Founder of SEEKER & SAGE and author of Find Your Way and Note to Self. 

I've been writing and journaling my way through the ups and downs of life for more than 20 years and love to teach and share what I've learnt so others can heal, expand and grow.

I believe we are each the seeker and the sage - the student and the teacher - simultaneously throughout our life and that we are all on the journey of becoming more of who we are.


And all that I offer is to support you on your journey of becoming.

Find Your Way book cover

Change has much to teach us but can we open ourselves up to all that it offers?

My book


can help.

Gena McLean's bookshelf and chair

Every freebie, resource, book and teaching I have created and currently offer are all found here.

gena McLean sitting on couch journaling

Articles, posts and stories to inspire, support and encourage you on your journey.

Gena McLean reading Find Your Way


I have been devouring this book slowly and savouring each nugget.
Kirsty M


A reference for life and all it throws you. I find solace and guidance in Gena's words. Some days I read a line, a page, or many...a beautiful book to return to time and again to help you through life’s big and little challenges.
Sarah F 


A wonderful and moving book. It has made me really stop and think. It’s the book you didn’t know you needed until you start turning those pages .
Deb T


This book reminds me that I'm never alone with my thoughts and feelings; it's a warm hug; sage advice from a friend in a perfectly constructed book.
Caity P

Find Your Way book cover

I agree with Alex Elle when she says:

What we heal—the ways we evolve and become—doesn’t just help us to live more authentic, connected, fulfilling, joyful, meaningful, conscious and compassionate lives.

All that richness and value and wisdom and love that we grow spills out to those we do life with—at home, at work, in our community, in our families and our friendships.

Everyone benefits. Whatever you work on heals you but it also positively affects those around you.

"Our healing is not just for us - it's for everyone we come into contact with."

A stack of journals and a pen

Journey with Gena @seekerandsage

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