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Honouring the journey

Find Your Way was all set for a big launch party back on May 30 2021, but a state-wide snap lockdown called for a Plan B. These are the notes I prepared for the Facebook LIVE video I delivered – my Plan B – at 3pm on that day.

Find Your Way book cover on table

Right now I’m meant to be gathering with about a hundred people at the hall down the road to celebrate and launch this book that I’ve written – Find Your Way.

The snap lock down we’re in here in Victoria meant that it couldn’t go ahead today, but I decided this book still needed to enter the world today and be celebrated. So here I am in my beautiful home office doing exactly what I say to do in this book – honour the journey.

And right now I’m honoring mine.

This book is the result of living with chronic physical pain for years and years – which of course induces emotional pain, psychological pain and spiritual pain.

For so many years I struggled with debilitating symptoms that had no straight answers and when I came across these words by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross I was able to begin transforming that painful existence into something valuable and meaningful:

“You will not grow if you sit in a beautiful flower garden but you will grow if you are sick, if you are in pain, if you experience losses and if you do not stick your head in the sand but take the pain as a gift to you with a very, very specific purpose.”

That quote, that message, has continued to inspire me to go beyond the physical and look for purpose and meaning and healing.

I couldn’t bear that the dozen or so years of physical hell would be wasted, so I started searching for the gifts within the pain, and with my strong desire and need to write, I journaled my way through the challenges and the setbacks and the difficulties, taking all I could get from each experience.

What I discovered was healing me.

It grew me into a person of great compassion, and the empathy I already had seemed to expand and deepen.

As for putting what I had learnt into a readable form, fast forward to 2018 – I had just started my coaching business called SEEKER & SAGE and was making regular posts on social media but the posts became my focus – not the client appointments.

After a few months of sharing the wisdom I had received I began to feel disheartened – each post on social media only had a short shelf-life, so I decided I would turn the posts into paper – and here it is:

I have spared you the details of my debilitating years of physical hardship – it gets a brief mention in the preface – but I didn’t want you to get bogged down in my story.

I wanted you the reader to directly access what I had learnt and to adopt my way of journeying – as a seeker and a sage and to start turning your own battles and pains into meaning and value and healing and growth.

Sharing this with you has been deeply healing for me.

As I say in the preface:

“Wherever you are on the journey it is my hope that this book will prompt insights and bring you the clarity and oomph you need to keep opening, keep changing, keep growing and keep going.”

You can get your own copy of FIND YOUR WAY here on my website. And remember to let me know in the notes section if you'd like it signed : )

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