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SEEKER & SAGE - a philosophy for life

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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Seeker & Sage is an orientation to life – a way of being that empowers us to live curiously and consciously with the intention to live a deeply meaningful life.

It is based on the premise that life is a journey and that along the way we will encounter countless opportunities to awaken, expand, heal and grow.

The Seeker:

  • is the part of us that wants to know – it searches for meaning and truth and understanding in order to live life connected and whole.

  • sees life as a journey, consciously navigating the inner terrain in conjunction with and in relation to the outer world.

  • is curious and reflective toward life and the experiences encountered.

  • takes a proactive approach to life and is keen to activate and participate in their own healing, expansion, prosperity and fulfillment.

  • is self-aware and conscious of the world around them.

  • practices the qualities of willingness, trust, faithfulness, patience and openness.

  • believes life is happening 'for them' rather than 'to them'.

The Sage:

  • is the wisest part of us that knows and arises as a result of the seeking and learning.

  • is our highest self, our unconditioned self, our original self.

  • helps us become more of who we came here to be.

  • speaks to us through our intuition, giving us access to guidance and wisdom that is beyond our rational mind - information that can help us live our most potent, authentic and fulfilling life.

Our inner Seeker can lead us to our inner Sage. This is a continual process of BECOMING in which we actively engage in and with life for this very purpose.

We are each the Seeker and the Sage - the student and the teacher; the novice and the practiced – simultaneously throughout our life, regardless of the roles we play and job we do.

It is my heartfelt hope that more and more people will adopt the approach of the Seeker. That they will live each day with an orientation to openness and a curiosity for what's going on within them and around them; willing to see what there is to see and know what there is to know; digging deep for understanding and meaning in events; purposefully engaging in their experiences and living them as fully as they can; learning and growing as they journey through life; dedicated to becoming the truest and most authentic person they can be.

This is why the quotes on my timeline post matter so much to me. You can check them out here. It's also why I do the work that I do.

Journaling is the best way I know to give my Seeker a voice and to access my inner Sage. So if you're keen to ignite your Seeker and your Sage, the resources I offer on my EVERYTHING page can help get you started.

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